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Gyldig tom desember 31, 2024

There’s a whole litany of cycling CPUs out there, but unless you want to blow half your rent on one, your options can be limited. That’s why we developed our SpeedZone Sport cycling computer to provide all the metrics you need at a price that’s more than palatable.

For functionality, you’ll find that it displays crucial data, like your current, average, and maximum speed, plus an odometer and trip meter. Even better, it has an auto-wake/auto-timer function that doesn’t require you to fumble through a bunch of buttons to get your data, and its display makes the digits larger than average, so you’ll have easy sight of all your metrics. It’s worth noting that this version of the SpeedZone is not wireless, but set-up and programming are simple and painless.

Easy set-up, programming, and installation.
Automatic functions create an extremely intuitive interface.
Auto-wake and auto-timer: no need to push a button to start/stop the computer.
Wired speed, maximum speed, and average speed.
Odometer and trip meter.
Speed comparator and low-battery indicator.
Small in size, yet big digits for easy viewing

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